The Oxford City Stars are an ice hockey team based in Oxford, England. They currently play in the English National Ice Hockey League South Division 1.

Oxford City Stars

The club was originally founded in 1984 as the Oxford City Blazers and as the popularity of ice hockey grew in Oxford, the team transitioned to the full English League in 1992 and changed their name to the Oxford City Stars.

Over the many years of rich history, the Oxford City Stars have competed in various leagues, including the English Premier League and the English National League. The team achieved notable success during this period, securing a number of titles to their name.

The club continues to thrive and has a strong presence in the local community. The Oxford City Stars attract a loyal fan base in the heart of the city, at the Oxpen’s Road Ice Rink.

Oxford City Stars are Oxfordshire’s ONLY Premier Ice Hockey team, and now play in the competitive NIHL1 South.

We continue to to strive to establish ourselves as part of Oxfordshire's thriving sporting community, and the team and sport continue to grow in popularity with both local and national news coverage across all media platforms.

Match nights carry a fast and furious atmosphere, with ice hockey being one of the fastest team sports in the world! The typically three-hour event is an exciting place for businesses to host clients, colleagues, friends and family.

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